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In today's fast-paced world, organizations need to act quickly and efficiently. At Kimberlite Partners, we leverage our extensive experience to help you reach your key objectives faster. Founded by the team behind Demand Solutions Group (DSG), NetSuite's top Solution Provider, and creators of Managed Application Consulting (MAC), we bring deep expertise to Software Publishers and Solution Providers in the Software Subscription Economy.

Our team has demonstrated significant impacts through MAC solutions, driving substantial revenue growth and boosting NetSuite license sales and implementation services. With Kimberlite Partners, you gain access to proven strategies and expert insights, helping you avoid pitfalls and embrace best practices for product initiation, team training, and service delivery.

Additionally, we've developed DiamondCare Assist to help our partners manage the high demand in the NetSuite and Salesforce markets, ensuring they can scale efficiently and effectively. Join us and leverage our know-how to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

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Leadership Team

We are a proven team that have excelled in both Solution Provider and Software Publisher environments.   The team includes the Founder and Managers of DSG which was NetSuite’s Largest Solution Provider when acquired in 2015.   Included in the acquisition was the foundation of NetSuite’s Advanced Customer Support which has resulted in the largest add-on product for NetSuite.  

Todd Fitzwater

Todd Fitzwater

General Manager & Founder
Jason Dennis

Jason Dennis

VP Operations, Founder
Venkat Sankaran

Venkat Sankaran

VP of Technology & Founder
Ritch Haselden

Ritch Haselden

VP Revenue & Founder
Debbie Bunn

Debbie Bunn

Delivery Principal
Liz Dooley.

Liz Dooley

Talent Acquisition
Sari Fitzwater

Sari Fitzwater

Finance and Services Operations
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“NetSuite’s MAC offering, ACS, has made it possible for us to achieve our record 30% YoY growth”“We knew the leverage of our MAC, ACS, would increase subscription revenue but we were really happy to see it drive an uptick in license sales and downtick in churn”

- Sam Levy



We expected to increase customer satisfaction with KLP’s approach, the unexpected surprise was the increase in employee satisfaction"“Demand for the KLP facilitated offerings have exceeded my expectations and are only limited by my capacity. I could increase it today by 50% with more resources”

- Dirk Shimpach


The Vested Group

"We love working with Debbie and Jason and consider them trusted advisors."

- Maria Volkmer

The Vested Group

Coyote Creeek

"The KLP process compressed the time by a factor of 3 to 4 times which includes a savings of time due to false starts, wasted efforts etc."“The launch of the Catalyst product has resulted in a pipeline of deals that is dramatically larger than I would have expected”

- Mike Faster

CEO Coyote Creek

The Vested Group

"KLP was able to provide a prescriptive process that would maximize revenue and reduce the complexity of our post implementation support. They are super knowledgeable, and the KLP team are great resources. They will walk you through the process at your speed and ensure that you end up with a product that performs”

- John Mack

Managing Director at The Vested Group

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"The experience and value that Todd and Jason bring to us is invaluable to me and to our ability to scale this program! Love working with them!

- Garrett Kramer

VP, Customer Loyalty at Godlan Inc.

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