Moving to a Services-as-a-Subscription model? 

Managed Application Consulting is the intersection of three well known services Support, Professional Services and Managed Services and combines them into one subscription offering.  Specifically it takes:

  • Support tickets that are not break fix but more consultative with how do I and how should I and why doesn't it work… which Support teams are typically not equipped to service

  • Small, difficult to schedule, manage and negotiate engagements from professional services that are under 40 hours of work

  • The subscription nature of Managed Services with a customer commitment, specified service level and guaranteed term

Turning them into a subscription offering to meet all of these needs while improving ARR, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention.

Kimberlite Partners is uniquely qualified to help Software Publishers and Solution Providers establish their own Managed Application Consulting (MAC) offering through their experience of doing just that with Solution Providers and Software Publishers.


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What Is Mac