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Approximately 35 years ago, the software industry took a hard look at the then current methods for selling, developing, maintaining and supporting software solutions and created the Software as a Service (SaaS) revolution. Virtually all software solutions coming to market these days are SaaS based. This approach has resulted in all sorts of changes, for the good, in software ownership, management and operation. This lead to some pretty incredible financial valuations/multipliers and some real darlings of the financial markets. But the benefits are not only limited to great multipliers but to a better experience for the customer and the company.

Kimberlite Partners curates the “musts” from our 15 years of creating, managing and evolving install base managed services for business application publishers and solution providers in a series of 10 White Papers.


The 7 benefits of Service as a Subscription that no one talks about

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6 Key Traits of the Named, Lead Resource Fulfilling your Install Base Subscription Service


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8 Keys to a Highly Successful Install Base Subscription Service

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