Implementation is only the start of the journey not the end

  • More time is actually spent after the application is live

  • Life expectancy of an ERP 5-10 years

  • Business is changing so rapidly

  • Competition is so fierce, efficiency is king

  • Cloud software is providing new, better, additional capabilities

  • Many organizations are taking the templated approach

  • Cheaper, faster, predictable… commodity based

  • Demands follow-up for specificity of needs

  • Scarcity of resources and knowledge

DiamondCare includes the following:

  • Full post implementation customer support or technology support

  • All the tools in the toolbox you would need

  • Any type of resource, knowledge and/or task

  • Named resource(s) to provide service continuity

  • Immediate response when you need it (no SOW hassle)

  • Simple monthly consumption model to apply as needed: any type of knowledge for any type of task.