Why Kimberlite Partners?

Kimberlite Partners is founded by four like-minded individuals who believe that customer satisfaction is the key to any successful endeavor and who value action over analysis. 

About us

In today's fast paced world, organizations need to be able to strike when the time is right by balancing the amount of analysis with the amount of action and leveraging as many experts as possible to provide the necessary insight and experience to get you to your key objectives that much faster.  The window of opportunity will only stay open for so long before someone else will jump through. 

That is why Kimberlite Partners was formed.  Taking our unique perspective as founding and initial members of Demand Solutions Group (DSG), NetSuite's number 1 Solution Provider and where Managed Application Consulting (MAC) was created, along with our experience inventing and bringing NetSuite's own MAC solution, Advanced Customer Support to market, we want to bring that know how to Software Publishers and Solution Providers in today's Software Subscription Economy.

MAC solutions have been demonstrated to have big impacts to the Software Subscription Economy by this team of people.  DSG drove more than 33% of their revenue from their MAC solution and leveraging the access afforded by the solution, drove up their NetSuite license sales and their implementation services revenue. 

NetSuite leveraged their MAC solution consistently as their number 1 add on product each quarter and as the largest add-on product ever at introduction.

Leveraging the skills, insights and know how of the Kimberlite Partners team you can bring your own Managed Application Consulting solution to market and take advantage of all of the knowledge of the team, to avoid many of the pitfalls and embrace all of the tools, techniques, team training and product initiation.

Additionally, KLP discovered that many of our NetSuite and Salesforce partners were having difficulty dealing with the immediate scaling caused by their creation of a MAC or were just flat struggling to keep up with the high demand of the NetSuite and/or Salesforce marketplace. As a result, KLP took their well developed access to these skills and created DiamondCare Assist to assist our partners in the delivery of services for NetSuite and/or Salesforce.

About Us